Total, Karen and Squidward has a natural relationship

Total, Karen and Squidward has a natural relationship

Patrick Celebrity

Karen and you will Patrick generally don’t collaborate. But not, Patrick doesn’t frequently know that Karen was evil. He tries to assist Plankton create Karen delighted throughout the attacks “Container Sweet Container” and you may “Single-cell Anniversary,” showing he doesn’t dislike their.

Karen makes reference to Patrick due to the fact SpongeBob’s “green friend” in the 1st motion picture. Throughout the guide SpongeBob DetectivePants: Possible of Forgotten Spatula, Patrick phone calls Karen “Speaking Box,” demonstrating which he does not know that she is a pc.

Squidward Tentacles

Squidward does not worry truly regarding the Karen or Plankton. One to exception is the SpongeBob SquarePants Film, in which Squidward is actually assaulted of the Plankton’s submissives immediately after Karen turns on their head protection notice-manage devices. Various other is actually “Bucket Sweet Bucket,” where Squidward makes a desktop toward renovated Krusty Krab regarding Karen. A third is actually “Chum Fricassee,” where Squidward teams with Plankton and you may Karen to start his cafe. Karen work since the a waiter.

Eugene H. Krabs

Mr. Krabs and you may Karen scarcely come together even with are enemies, but not Mr. Krabs did hire her just like the an excellent cashier when you look at the “Karen dos.0.”

Within the “Most useful Frenemies,” Karen tries to tell Mr. Krabs and you will Plankton just what Kelp Shakes are produced from. Sadly, they do not hear the girl and you may become drinking the shakes, that creates these to feel hairy beasts.

From inside the “Mermaid Guy against. SpongeBob,” Karen requires Mr. Krabs for a few Kiddie Buffet toys to provide to help you Plankton. When she brings a meal to help you Plankton, the guy asks her, “What is actually you to? A keepsake out of your date Krabs. “

When you look at the “Frozen Face-Of,” Karen and you will Mr. Krabs come together to survive immediately after both almost frost so you’re able to death, simply to become saved from the SpongeBob along with his family.

In the “Karen dos.0,” Plankton generates a replacement Karen and he kicks the woman away. Mr. Krabs and you may SpongeBob get a hold of this lady with the control and take this lady on Krusty Krab. Whenever she footwear right up, she tells the two regarding the the woman fears. Instantly, Mr. Krabs sympathizes along with her and gives this lady work. When Karen 2 and you can Plankton appear to inexpensive the latest formula, Karen and Karen dos begin assaulting and you can Mr. Krabs takes the chance to enjoys users lay wagers for the whom usually win.

Inside the “Lame and you will Fortune,” Mr. Krabs considers exactly what his funeral manage look like. It is revealed you to definitely Karen manage attend next to Pearl and his most other members of the family, implying you to she do a little value him.

Sandy Cheeks

As opposed to the woman almost every other relationship, Karen’s experience of Exotic is actually a solely self-confident that. They are both top-oriented and you can practical characters which have an appreciate getting innovations, which is why they have got friendly affairs about show.

In the “Suspended Deal with-Away from,” Exotic and her members of the family rescue Karen off becoming frozen. After, Sandy spends Karen’s system to keep Squidward, that has been suspended for the an effective stop of freeze.

From inside the “Salsa Imbecilicus,” Karen and you may Sandy certainly are the simply citizens off Swimsuit Bottom which just weren’t became idiots from the steam away from Plankton’s sauce. They work together with her to make good university, and that ultimately output folks on their regular intelligence. That it event demonstrates Karen knows in which Exotic life hence the lady house is entitled good treedome, implying you to this lady has went along to Exotic.

Inside the “Girls’ Date night,” the two and Mrs. Puff spend a night out together, as well as the three consider one another while the “Girl Friends” throughout the occurrence.

Gary the new Snail

Karen does not brain Gary. Karen was neutral regarding the Plankton’s intend to impersonate Gary for the “Shellback Shenanigans.” At the end of “Frozen Deal with-Regarding,” Karen allows Gary take a seat on ideal out of the woman. Gary stays at the top of Karen up until Plankton attempts to fry them into the good vat from boiling petroleum.

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